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Conversation Between The Two May 12, 2011

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Annika: Do you want this Didi?
Carston: Noo…
Annika: Do you want this one Didi?
Carston: Noo…

Loop that a few times.. and it’s not like Carston actually understand her.. it’s just that no is his current favorite word..

Annika: (singing) Old MacDonald have a farm…
Carston: No no no…!
Annika: (singing) e..i..e..i..o..
Caston: No no no..!
Annika: (crying) Mommy, Didi gak kasih Annika nyanyi!! Didi is not letting me sing!!!

Carston is starting to have preference on songs.. so when he doesn’t like the song that his sister is singing, he will keep shouting no to her..

Annika: (eating cookies) *chomp chomp chomp*
Carston: pweeesee… pweeeeseee…..
Annika: No Didi, Didi gak suka cookies!! Didi doesn’t like cookies!!

As the two kids are getting older, there’s more interaction between them.. a lot of them are really funny .. but usually causes a lot of chaos .. especially when they are in the car..

Carston is getting very naughty.. he knows that his sister is a crybaby and sometimes, he purposely does things to make her cry.. which adds to the craziness in my home..

Annika, on the other hand, is getting so grown up. Sometimes, she closes her door and says that she doesn’t want the boy to go into her room because he makes a mess of her room..I thought I would only see this when she’s a teenager.. haiz…

My two little kiddoes..



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