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Long Update January 17, 2012

Posted by Erika in Uncategorized.

Wow.. it’s been ages since I last blogged and I think this blog is starting to collect dust.. hehe..

Life has been great.. a lot of thing has happened since my last entry..

  • We moved back to California after my Summer stint in Indo.. DH got a job offer before the Summer .. so, I was busy packing up the house to get things moved back to Calif and while I was in Indo, we managed to sold our house in Texas.. God is good!
  • Did I mention that I was in Indo through the Summer? πŸ™‚ I single-handedly brought the kids back .. Austin -> Houston -> Moscow -> Singapore -> Jakarta.. I think the whole trip took more than 30 hours and the worst was when we were in Moscow. The airport was messy and we had to rush down the stairs to go through the immigration.. Imagine me carrying a HUGE backpack while ergo-ing Carston (who was at that time 28 lbs) at the front AND carrying Annika as well.. And since I had to fly back to Calif, my last route went like this: Jakarta -> Singapore -> Moscow -> Houston -> San Jose.. I think I practically trek half the globe.. but God is good and I actually winged the trip..
  • We enrolled Annika to a Christian school near the apartment and she loves it! She’s flourishing in school and the teachers love her for bringing so much laughter to the class.. Even the teacher next door stopped me to tell me how she loves to hear Annika’s laughter.. πŸ™‚
  • Carston is currently staying at home with me.. we are enjoying our time together.. which is something that I’ve never got to do with him.. loves how we can just lay down on bed and talk and play and laugh.. oh such joy!
  • Carston is fully potty trained during the days and YAY for that because it saves us so much money now that we don’t have to buy diapers and wash all the cloth diapers.. πŸ™‚ He’s also off his pacifier for the past week (Another YAY!).. which is something that I didn’t think he could do but last week, as I was wrapping some gifts to be sent to my niece in Indo, Carston decided to wrap his pacifiers as well.. He did ask for them every now and then but I reminded him that he had wrapped them up..

I can’t believe that the two kids are now 2 and 3 years old.. they’ve grown so much.. simply adore them!

Currently they are of the same height and Carston is a little heavier.. Some people noticed that he’s a little taller than his sister but I’m not too sure.. He’s considered quite tall for his age and I sure hope it stays that way..

Loving life!



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