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What a day! January 19, 2012

Posted by Erika in Uncategorized.

So DH has been gone for almost a week.. things have been hectic but I thought that things were pretty much under control until today.. šŸ˜¦

In the morning, while I was prepping the girl to school.. she threw tantrum and decided not to wear her uniform, tie her hair nor wear her shoes.. We were running late but she was still crying and wailing nonstop.. I had to drag her to the car and throughout the drive, she still didn’t stop.. Her teacher was nice enough to help me encourage her to start the day in school..

Then in the afternoon, when I fetched her from school, she lost the sticker her teacher gave her and this led to more cries. ARGH. Luckily, this time, she stopped as soon as we reached home.

After lunch, the boy wanted to do #2. He has a favorite car that he always bring wherever he goes – to bed, out and about, even when he does #1 and #2. So while doing #2, his car might have slipped into the toilet bowl. He kept saying “oh .. oh!” and I didn’t realize that the car had gone down the toilet bowl because there was a tissue covering it. I flushed the toilet and there goes the car.. šŸ˜¦ The boy was shocked and couldn’t stop crying. He refused to nap without his car and more cries and wails. He finally stopped when I promised him that we would get him the same exact car if he went for his nap.

We did rush to Wallie after nap to find the car. The car was actually given by our friend as his Christmas gift and it came in a set with other cars but I had seen it sold separately at Wallie. God must be feeling sorry for me because seriously, there was only ONE left of that car in the whole Wallie. I can’t thank God enough for that..

I was glad that things were uneventful after that..

After dinner, I was sitting down on the table with the kids and had a chat with the girl..

Me: Annika, I’m so sad.. I feel so tired..
Annika: Really mommy? (Her current favorite word – Really?)
Me: Yes Annika.. I am so tired..
Annika: Are you tired of Daddy?
Me: No lah.. I am just so tired because there are so many things to do.. I had to send you to school..do the laundry.. prepare meals for you and didi.. clean the home ..
Annika: Really mommy? I am tired too..
Me: You are tired? Why are you tired?
Annika: Yah, I have to go to school.. and then nap.. I am so tired..
Me: *Speechless*

Haiz.. that’s my girl!



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