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Sense of Security September 26, 2012

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Annika started attending a 3-hour preschool since she was 2.5 years and she had only cried twice. Because of this, I have always taken her sense of security for granted and today, I was reminded about it.

This year, Annika is in Room 3 of her school and today, since we came a little early, I dropped her at Room 2, where all her friends were. She was busy playing with her friends but I went over to tell her that I was going to place all her belonging to Room 3 and come back. Unfortunately, she did not hear me. I was placing her snacks in her cuddy when I heard the teacher asked her why she was crying. She thought I had gone home without saying goodbye to her. I quickly gave her a big hug and reassured her that I was still there. Within a few minutes, she stopped crying, said her goodbyes to me and played with her friends. 

Moral of story: Kids need their sense of security, an assurance that when you drop them in school, you will always come back for them again. I’ve never left my kids in school without saying goodbye to them, not even when my son was crying like a maniac when I dropped him at school. Now I understood why when he turned 2.5, he suddenly stopped crying when I dropped him at Church. He started understanding my constant assurance to him that I will be back for him .. It wasn’t easy at first… He refused to let me go.. I was tempted to leave him quietly while he was busy playing but decided not to.. Apparently, my consistency of assuring him paid off.. Since then, he had never had any trouble going to school.. not even a single shed of tear.. That’s my boy!

A hug, a kiss and a “I will be back!” for the kids..  as simple as that.. 



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