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Ear Piercing October 1, 2012

Posted by Erika in Uncategorized.

For the past few months, Annika has been flipping my wedding book and noticing the earring that I wore on my wedding day. She thought it was pretty and requested to have her ears pierced. 

Quite frankly, I am not too keen of the whole idea but since she asked for it, I didn’t think I should deny her the request. Though I did tell her that it is going to be painful when they first pierce your ears. Wasn’t trying to scare her, but more to prepare her on what to expect. 

At first, we were thinking of having them done at Claire’s but after paying a visit to the mall, we changed our mind. I just didn’t think it was sterile enough and so I made an appointment for a pediatrician to get them done. 

The day came and she was excited. She was telling me how she is already 4 and that she wouldn’t cry. Everything was fine until the doctor came into the room. She started to get agitated and once the doctor opened the package for the ear piercing procedure, she got scared. The doctor drew on her ear and was getting ready when she started crying and told me that she’s done with the whole idea. 

By this time, there was no backing off. In the end, we had to finally hold on to her to get her ears pierced. The worse thing was that there was a defect on the earrings and the pediatrician couldn’t get the screw onto the earrings on the shot. 😦 More wailing before everything was finally done. Sigh. 

All in all, it wasn’t too traumatic for her. As we were about to leave, she has stopped crying. I asked her if she wanted to look into the mirror and she said yes. When we got home, she told me again that she wanted to see if her earrings are still there. 😛 I think she probably went to look at the mirror 5 more times after that. Ah.. beauty is painful indeed!

Let’s just hope things will heal well.. 🙂



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