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awkward moment.. March 28, 2015

Posted by Erika in Uncategorized.

So we were talking with the kids about panda and why panda is becoming extinct…. one of the reason was because of their mating process.. so I was telling them that now, they have such a thing called IVF that they can do to the panda so that they can make babies and increase their population.. “What’s IVF mommy?”

*awkward* Well.. mommy and daddy make babies by just making babies (yes, trying to avoid on explaining the whole process from the beginning).. but IVF basically is making babies in the lab by taking the mommy egg and combine it with daddy’s..

*changing topic* AND then there’s also because of the shortage of bamboo in China..  maybe we should grow bamboos here in US and ship them back to China…



1. janettebuckley5413 - April 8, 2016

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