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awkward moment.. March 28, 2015

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So we were talking with the kids about panda and why panda is becoming extinct…. one of the reason was because of their mating process.. so I was telling them that now, they have such a thing called IVF that they can do to the panda so that they can make babies and increase their population.. “What’s IVF mommy?”

*awkward* Well.. mommy and daddy make babies by just making babies (yes, trying to avoid on explaining the whole process from the beginning).. but IVF basically is making babies in the lab by taking the mommy egg and combine it with daddy’s..

*changing topic* AND then there’s also because of the shortage of bamboo in China..  maybe we should grow bamboos here in US and ship them back to China…


Wonderful life.. March 26, 2015

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When I was younger, I always thought that my life was miserable. Hated it so much. Didn’t like the fact that my parents sent me to Singapore for education. Didn’t like the fact that I had to learn to be independent at such a young age. Hated the fact that I had to be away from my family. Seriously, there was a lot of hate. There was a time when I cried almost everyday, missing my family. Even the sight of other parents sending their kids to school made me cry.

Now that I am older, I looked back and though I still don’t like some parts of my life, I am more appreciative of the things I had to go through to be who I am now..

Life is wonderful.. with the two kids that I adore and the husband who loves me.. 🙂 I am feeling blessed..

One of those days.. October 3, 2012

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Can you guess what they are pretending to do?


My Little Drama King October 3, 2012

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Yesterday, when we sent the girl to school, the boy was running around the school’s yard and fell. Both his knees had some scratches on them. I cleaned them up as soon as we reached home. The boy then headed to the sofa to lay down and told me that he’s SoOOoOOooooOOOOo tired. When I asked him why, he replied that he bruised his knees, and they are painful and they make him tired. 😛 Whatever~

When the sister came back from school, they played together and he totally forgot about the bruise. However, after his nap, he looked at his knees and started limping. He said they are VeeeeEErry painful and he needs me to carry him around. Blah..


Ear Piercing October 1, 2012

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For the past few months, Annika has been flipping my wedding book and noticing the earring that I wore on my wedding day. She thought it was pretty and requested to have her ears pierced. 

Quite frankly, I am not too keen of the whole idea but since she asked for it, I didn’t think I should deny her the request. Though I did tell her that it is going to be painful when they first pierce your ears. Wasn’t trying to scare her, but more to prepare her on what to expect. 

At first, we were thinking of having them done at Claire’s but after paying a visit to the mall, we changed our mind. I just didn’t think it was sterile enough and so I made an appointment for a pediatrician to get them done. 

The day came and she was excited. She was telling me how she is already 4 and that she wouldn’t cry. Everything was fine until the doctor came into the room. She started to get agitated and once the doctor opened the package for the ear piercing procedure, she got scared. The doctor drew on her ear and was getting ready when she started crying and told me that she’s done with the whole idea. 

By this time, there was no backing off. In the end, we had to finally hold on to her to get her ears pierced. The worse thing was that there was a defect on the earrings and the pediatrician couldn’t get the screw onto the earrings on the shot. 😦 More wailing before everything was finally done. Sigh. 

All in all, it wasn’t too traumatic for her. As we were about to leave, she has stopped crying. I asked her if she wanted to look into the mirror and she said yes. When we got home, she told me again that she wanted to see if her earrings are still there. 😛 I think she probably went to look at the mirror 5 more times after that. Ah.. beauty is painful indeed!

Let’s just hope things will heal well.. 🙂

Joke of the day September 26, 2012

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Annika: *looking at the people swimming on TV* Mommy, what are they doing?
Me: They are practicing Annika.. they are going to compete soon, so they are practicing so that they get better when they race..
Annika: Oh, just like when Didi practice in his gymn? Like when I practice ballet? And Daddy practice his work? And you practice killing those flies?
Me: *Speechless*

Sense of Security September 26, 2012

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Annika started attending a 3-hour preschool since she was 2.5 years and she had only cried twice. Because of this, I have always taken her sense of security for granted and today, I was reminded about it.

This year, Annika is in Room 3 of her school and today, since we came a little early, I dropped her at Room 2, where all her friends were. She was busy playing with her friends but I went over to tell her that I was going to place all her belonging to Room 3 and come back. Unfortunately, she did not hear me. I was placing her snacks in her cuddy when I heard the teacher asked her why she was crying. She thought I had gone home without saying goodbye to her. I quickly gave her a big hug and reassured her that I was still there. Within a few minutes, she stopped crying, said her goodbyes to me and played with her friends. 

Moral of story: Kids need their sense of security, an assurance that when you drop them in school, you will always come back for them again. I’ve never left my kids in school without saying goodbye to them, not even when my son was crying like a maniac when I dropped him at school. Now I understood why when he turned 2.5, he suddenly stopped crying when I dropped him at Church. He started understanding my constant assurance to him that I will be back for him .. It wasn’t easy at first… He refused to let me go.. I was tempted to leave him quietly while he was busy playing but decided not to.. Apparently, my consistency of assuring him paid off.. Since then, he had never had any trouble going to school.. not even a single shed of tear.. That’s my boy!

A hug, a kiss and a “I will be back!” for the kids..  as simple as that.. 

What a day! January 19, 2012

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So DH has been gone for almost a week.. things have been hectic but I thought that things were pretty much under control until today.. 😦

In the morning, while I was prepping the girl to school.. she threw tantrum and decided not to wear her uniform, tie her hair nor wear her shoes.. We were running late but she was still crying and wailing nonstop.. I had to drag her to the car and throughout the drive, she still didn’t stop.. Her teacher was nice enough to help me encourage her to start the day in school..

Then in the afternoon, when I fetched her from school, she lost the sticker her teacher gave her and this led to more cries. ARGH. Luckily, this time, she stopped as soon as we reached home.

After lunch, the boy wanted to do #2. He has a favorite car that he always bring wherever he goes – to bed, out and about, even when he does #1 and #2. So while doing #2, his car might have slipped into the toilet bowl. He kept saying “oh .. oh!” and I didn’t realize that the car had gone down the toilet bowl because there was a tissue covering it. I flushed the toilet and there goes the car.. 😦 The boy was shocked and couldn’t stop crying. He refused to nap without his car and more cries and wails. He finally stopped when I promised him that we would get him the same exact car if he went for his nap.

We did rush to Wallie after nap to find the car. The car was actually given by our friend as his Christmas gift and it came in a set with other cars but I had seen it sold separately at Wallie. God must be feeling sorry for me because seriously, there was only ONE left of that car in the whole Wallie. I can’t thank God enough for that..

I was glad that things were uneventful after that..

After dinner, I was sitting down on the table with the kids and had a chat with the girl..

Me: Annika, I’m so sad.. I feel so tired..
Annika: Really mommy? (Her current favorite word – Really?)
Me: Yes Annika.. I am so tired..
Annika: Are you tired of Daddy?
Me: No lah.. I am just so tired because there are so many things to do.. I had to send you to school..do the laundry.. prepare meals for you and didi.. clean the home ..
Annika: Really mommy? I am tired too..
Me: You are tired? Why are you tired?
Annika: Yah, I have to go to school.. and then nap.. I am so tired..
Me: *Speechless*

Haiz.. that’s my girl!

Long Update January 17, 2012

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Wow.. it’s been ages since I last blogged and I think this blog is starting to collect dust.. hehe..

Life has been great.. a lot of thing has happened since my last entry..

  • We moved back to California after my Summer stint in Indo.. DH got a job offer before the Summer .. so, I was busy packing up the house to get things moved back to Calif and while I was in Indo, we managed to sold our house in Texas.. God is good!
  • Did I mention that I was in Indo through the Summer? 🙂 I single-handedly brought the kids back .. Austin -> Houston -> Moscow -> Singapore -> Jakarta.. I think the whole trip took more than 30 hours and the worst was when we were in Moscow. The airport was messy and we had to rush down the stairs to go through the immigration.. Imagine me carrying a HUGE backpack while ergo-ing Carston (who was at that time 28 lbs) at the front AND carrying Annika as well.. And since I had to fly back to Calif, my last route went like this: Jakarta -> Singapore -> Moscow -> Houston -> San Jose.. I think I practically trek half the globe.. but God is good and I actually winged the trip..
  • We enrolled Annika to a Christian school near the apartment and she loves it! She’s flourishing in school and the teachers love her for bringing so much laughter to the class.. Even the teacher next door stopped me to tell me how she loves to hear Annika’s laughter.. 🙂
  • Carston is currently staying at home with me.. we are enjoying our time together.. which is something that I’ve never got to do with him.. loves how we can just lay down on bed and talk and play and laugh.. oh such joy!
  • Carston is fully potty trained during the days and YAY for that because it saves us so much money now that we don’t have to buy diapers and wash all the cloth diapers.. 🙂 He’s also off his pacifier for the past week (Another YAY!).. which is something that I didn’t think he could do but last week, as I was wrapping some gifts to be sent to my niece in Indo, Carston decided to wrap his pacifiers as well.. He did ask for them every now and then but I reminded him that he had wrapped them up..

I can’t believe that the two kids are now 2 and 3 years old.. they’ve grown so much.. simply adore them!

Currently they are of the same height and Carston is a little heavier.. Some people noticed that he’s a little taller than his sister but I’m not too sure.. He’s considered quite tall for his age and I sure hope it stays that way..

Loving life!

Conversation Between The Two May 12, 2011

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Annika: Do you want this Didi?
Carston: Noo…
Annika: Do you want this one Didi?
Carston: Noo…

Loop that a few times.. and it’s not like Carston actually understand her.. it’s just that no is his current favorite word..

Annika: (singing) Old MacDonald have a farm…
Carston: No no no…!
Annika: (singing) e..i..e..i..o..
Caston: No no no..!
Annika: (crying) Mommy, Didi gak kasih Annika nyanyi!! Didi is not letting me sing!!!

Carston is starting to have preference on songs.. so when he doesn’t like the song that his sister is singing, he will keep shouting no to her..

Annika: (eating cookies) *chomp chomp chomp*
Carston: pweeesee… pweeeeseee…..
Annika: No Didi, Didi gak suka cookies!! Didi doesn’t like cookies!!

As the two kids are getting older, there’s more interaction between them.. a lot of them are really funny .. but usually causes a lot of chaos .. especially when they are in the car..

Carston is getting very naughty.. he knows that his sister is a crybaby and sometimes, he purposely does things to make her cry.. which adds to the craziness in my home..

Annika, on the other hand, is getting so grown up. Sometimes, she closes her door and says that she doesn’t want the boy to go into her room because he makes a mess of her room..I thought I would only see this when she’s a teenager.. haiz…

My two little kiddoes..