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I love you April 28, 2011

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We were all getting ready to sit down and watch the TV .. Annika decided to sit next to Carston.. she looked at him and said ” 弟弟, I love you  弟弟!” .. My heart just melts. The boy understood what she said and kissed her.. Nothing beats seeing the moments when they are so loving with each other.. 🙂


Back to Reality April 27, 2011

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My sis was visiting and stayed with us for over two months and boy was I glad to have some help. Hubby put on a little weight while she’s here because she was able to cook a few dishes specially for him. He also traveled for work more frequent since he knew that I had some help. Bah.

Now that she’s back in Indo, we are back to reality. Things are a little more hectic but during my sister’s stay, something miraculous happened that allows me to have more energy to take care of the kids. MY BOY ACTUALLY SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! WOOOOT! Finally! 🙂

I just need to survive this reality for another month before I have another dream! Hihihi. Another woot because I will be going back to Indo for the summer. WOOOOT! Sorry, can’t help it. I’m just too excited every time I think of this.

I hope I don’t jinx this!

First ER Visit April 13, 2011

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It’s our first ER visit for Annika.. Hubby wasn’t in town and I was lucky that my sister is still here .. coincidentally, it’s her last week ..

I seriously don’t know what happen but we were doing our regular night routine.. I was halfway reading for the kids when suddenly Annika screamed and said that her left arm is in pain.. She stopped crying after a while but refused to move her arm at all.. I decided to call the doctor and she advised me to go to the ER..

Annika and I headed to the hospital while my sister tries to lullaby Carston to sleep. Thank goodness she handled it like a pro!

We waited for an hour and a half before we were sent to a room and another hour before we were seen by the doctor.. another hour for x-ray and another hour before the doctor came back and and another half an hour before we were told to go home..

Apparently, for whatever reason, Annika dislocated her elbow .. The doctor said he has fixed her elbow and she’s fine to go.. It was 1 AM when we reached home..

This morning, when I woke her up, she still refused to use her left hand and was crying in pain.. I gave her some ibuprofen and made another appointment with the doctor.. It seems that the doctor at the ER didn’t do a good job of fixing her and her elbow was still dislocated! GRR! Wasted our time in ER!

Anyway, Annika was so happy that she couldn’t stop dancing and twirling.. telling me that she’s not in pain anymore..:)

Haiz.. what a day..

Annika Singing February 16, 2011

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Correction – She’s 28 months old.. 🙂

First post of 2011 February 15, 2011

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It’s been a long time since I actually blog. The last time I blogged was 2010.. who would have thought that it’s 2011 now! 🙂

This year, my girl will be 3 .. and my boy 2.. wow wow! They’ve grown indeed. Now that they are a little older.. things have been quite in control.. granted that there are days when Ms. Annika has her melt down or when Mr. Carston experiences the SUPER CLINGY time or when the kids take turn getting sick.. but all is well.. I’m not complaining.. I really enjoy spending time with the two.. My heart melts every time I see the interaction between them.. they fight, they love, they hug and they kiss.. 🙂

Looking back, I don’t recommend people to have their kids 12 months apart but I don’t regret having them that close together..

I think my days as a stay at home mom are numbered.. now that they are older, I will have to go back to work to pay for their college.. (geez, with the two in college.. it’s going to cost us a BOMB!).. I don’t know if and when I will get a job.. but I sure am going to miss the days I spend with the kids.. doing art work.. teaching them new things.. or just being silly together..

I love you two little energizer bunnies!

P.S. I’ve rejuvenated this blog for DH.. he was complaining to me about not posting and putting the blog in private.. so DH, this one is especially for you! Take it as a belated V-day gift!

Days of Grace 10/13/2010 October 13, 2010

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  1. Someone told me that my girl looks like Lily Allen. I had to google who this Lily is. Yes, I am rather 土. Haven’t been keeping up with any singers. In any case, it made me feel quite happy. Though the person told me that it’s probably because Lily Allen is sporting Annika’s kind of hair in her latest live performance.
  2. I was able to do some art work with the kids. Carston is still not showing much interest in it but he tagged along. We made simple pumpkin masks to get ready for the Halloween. They both were quite happy with the end result.

  3. Even though I had the most horrible sleep last night, I had some energy left to try out my breadmaker. I think I didn’t leave the bread long enough because it wasn’t as soft as I expected. 😦 Hopefully my next try will turn out better.

  4. Annika peed in her potty FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! 🙂 She was quite frightened about it but I kept on praising her and gave her a jelly as a reward. Hopefully this will motivate her to pee in the potty more often.

Days of Grace 10/12/2010 October 12, 2010

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  1. I had the best sleep EVER. Carston actually let me slept through the night. I felt AMAZING. Though I doubt that he’s going to do the same tonight. He already woke up twice and it’s not even ten.
  2. With hubby at home, I was able to have a little time in the morning to prepare Annika’s lunch. She hasn’t been eating much when she’s in school. So I decided to whip something for her that is more presentable.
    It’s not great looking but at least it serves the purpose. She ate them all, even the carrots. Her teacher told me that I might need to bring more on Thursday.
  3. I made hubby Soto Mie for lunch today. Something that I don’t do often. He said it taste pretty good. 🙂
  4. I know that Annika is doing great in school but I didn’t expect her to be doing that well. Her teachers loved her so much that one even rushed out to get a hug from Annika before she leaves. Then the other told me that she’s willing to bring Annika to her home any time. 😛
  5. I manage to snap a few pictures of the kids today. 🙂

    the kids in their bikes

    Annika posing with “her” bags. She said she was going to Church

Days of Grace 10/11/2010 October 11, 2010

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  1. Went to the park with hubby and the kids this morning. It’s always nice to have an extra pair of hands to keep a look out on the kids.
  2. The kids seem to enjoy themselves at the play date today. Annika had a lot of fun playing with Baby Sam. She’s the oldest in the group, so every other baby is called “baby”.. 😛
  3. My little girl is growing up so fast. She’s currently the “police” of the house. If Carston climbs the side of the railing, she’ll tell me that it’s too dangerous for Carston and that I should take him down but she’ll do it anyway.

Days of Grace 10/10/2010 October 10, 2010

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  1. It’s 10102010! 🙂
  2. Had a great weekend. 🙂 Hubby was back on Saturday midnight. We had Dim Sum at Shanghai Restaurant for lunch and Taiwanese food that hubby brought from California for dinner. Yummy! Then we head to the library with the kids during the afternoon. Sunday was spent with church and dinner with friends. Glorious weekend!
  3. Been having one of those Asian bread for breakfast. 🙂 I even had half a moon cake (lotus paste with double yolk, my FAVORITE!) today.. thanks to hubby for bringing them from California.
  4. We found out that just like his sister, Carston LOVES noodle. Practically competing with his sister for it.
  5. Bought a cute swimming costume for Annika from Target.. couldn’t resist the sale.. 😛 I bought a size bigger since it’s going to be for the next Summer..

Days of Grace 10/08/2010 October 8, 2010

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  1. Good weather. Another day at the park!  Thanks to Carston, Annika is starting to be brave enough to go onto the slides.
  2. The family picture that I ordered from Costco has arrived and it’s hung on top of the firewall. Despite the fact that I ordered the wrong picture, I have no regrets. 🙂

  3. Annika insisted on looking at my wedding album today. She was busy flipping the pictures and describing to me what she saw..
    “Mommy kasih makan Yeye..” (Mommy feeding Yeye) – I was feeding my father-in-law the wedding cake..
    “Mommy, ie-ie cantik yah?” (Mommy, ieie looks pretty right?) – She saw my sister in bridesmaid dress  with make up..
    Loving every moment of it.
  4. Carston is learning how to go down the stairs like the way we taught him. 🙂 With him mastering it, we’ll soon be able to remove a few more baby gates around the house.. there’s way too many of them in my opinion..
  5. I manage to sell one of the playpen that we had through craigslist. Wohooo! At least one less baby items in the house.
  6. Hubby’s coming home tonight! 😀